The Rotoworx 330
product range is an economic, standalone, modular converting and finishing solution designed to make short-run label conversion and finishing less costly. It is complete with product unwind, semi-rotary die-cut, lamination, matrix rewind and two product rewind modules. It has a maximum web-width of 330 mm (13 in.) and an operating speed going up to 50m/min. (
~160 fpm).

The Rotoworx 330 has been specifically designed with efficient and cost effective short run operation in mind. The extremely small footprint - 3.5 m² (37 sq. ft.) - and the short web path - 3.5 m (11.5 ft.) - in combination with a homing cycle and on/off impression die station results in minimal waste during job changeovers and roll splices. Re-registration is possible within one or two repeats. The Rotoworx 330 is equipped with deployable, industrial casters for easy relocation to suit operational requirements

Semi-rotary Die Station
The semi-rotary die-station is complete with sensing technology to electronically re-register to incoming pre-printed material. It uses a magnetic cylinder and soft tooling to facilitate fast changeovers and reduced tooling costs. The die tool anvil system is equipped with an off impression mode to reduce waste during  changeovers and make ready.

Variable Repeat Flexographic Station
Benefiting from our 30+ years experience in the printing press manufacturing business, we’ve integrated an indigenously designed flexographic module into the Rotoworx system in order to provide our users the versatility and cost-effectiveness of flexography in conjunction with semi-rotary die cutting. The unit is suitable for performing 1-color printing, spot UV varnish, in register cold foiling as well as full coverage UV varnish coating. Equipped with a UV and optional IR dryer alongwith our newly created enclosed doctor blade and ink pan system, this crucial add-on offers you the ruggedness, reliability and ease of operation that our customers have come to expect from Gonderflex products.

ISO-Tensioning System (Patented)
The system features a field-proven web transport based on Rotoworx
’s patented ISO Tensioning technology with high registration accuracy of +/- 180 microns (0.007 in.) and a repeat size from 203 mm (8 in.) to 559 mm (22 in.). Tensioning for each module is isolated and controlled independently allowing the use of different tensions for different processes. This is particularly useful when running sensitive films, difficult matrixes or when through cutting.

Graphics User Interface and Remote Diagnostics
A self explanatory password protected graphic interface with representation of the machine facilitates the input of all necessary run parameters and settings. The operating manual, trouble shooting guide and diagnostics are all accessible via this touch screen. The machine can also be run and diagnosed remotely via secure internet based connection.

UV Coating Module
The Rotoworx 330 can be configured with an optional tint sleeve based coating-module for simple, costeffective flood coating. The quick release system is designed for easy sleeve changes and no tools are required to make adjustments. A proprietary curing system fully integrated and electronically controlled to accommodate the full range of machine speeds and wide range of material and substrate combinations is included with this module.

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Technical Data



Rotoworx 330 operates at up to 50 m/min. (160 fpm)

Unwind Capacity:

760 mm (30 in.)

Web Width:

343 mm (13.5 in.) to minimum of 50 mm (2 in.)

Die Cutting Repeat Size:

203 mm (8 in.) to 559 mm (22 in.)

 Flexo Module Repeat Size:
 610 mm (24 in.)


Top side lamination 510 mm (20 in.) capacity

Die Cut:

Semi-rotary die cutting +/- 180 μ (.007 in.) registration accuracy


Underscore with two knives (additional knives optional)
Crush slitter with two knives (additional knives optional)


Dual product rewind 610 mm (24 in.) capacity each
Matrix rewind 610 mm (24 in.) capacity

User Interface:

Self-explanatory, touch screen, all controls centralized, integrated manual, troubleshooting guide and diagnostics


Remote operation and diagnostics via secure internet connection

Physical Dimensions:

2.5 m (8.2 ft) in length
1.4 m (4.5 ft) in width
2.0 m (6.5 ft) in height


Approximately 1500 Kg (3300 lbs)


Space Requirement:

4 x 3 m (12 x 9 ft)

Power supply:

Base Model: 208/240 V ± 10%, 3 Phase, 40A, 50/60 Hz
A transformer will be mounted inside the equipment to suit alternate power sources

Power consumption:

2.5 KW


Pressure: 700 kPa (100 psi)
Volume: 280 litres/min.
(10 scfm)

Internet Connection:

RJ45 with Internet Access

Temperature range:

18 to 30 °C (65 to 86 °F)
Relative air humidity: 30 to 80%, non condensing

Rated Altitude:

1000 m (3280 ft)
For altitudes >1000m (3280 ft) derate output by 1 %/100 m (328 ft)