GFSR 3000

GFSR 3000 – Slitter/rewinder/inspection machine

Ideal for label and film finishing, as well as inspection, the GFSR 3000 can be built to your specifications. This equipment can handle paper widths of up to 30 inches, can be used with film and paper substrates and is designed for material ranging from unsupported or laminated PET film to saper and tags of up to 12 pts.

Features of the GFSR 3000 include a fully automatic closed loop unwind brake assembly, an auto web gripper to maintain web position during roll change, and more.

*Please note that we are continually developing and improving our products. As such, the image and information on this page is subject to change.

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GFSR-3000 Features

  • Unwind unit
  • 40” roll capacity
  • 3” (76mm) core shaft
  • Closed loop automatic tension control with electromagnetic brake, able to hold tension up to 75 lbs
  • Roll loader capacity of 1000 lbs
  • In-feed nip roll station with AC vector motor drive
  • Ultrasonic sensing web guide with splicing table, edge sensing
    • Line guide is optional
  • Motorized double rewind unit
  • 24” roll capacity, including AC vector Motor
  • Predetermined electronic linear counter
  • Foot pedals to deflate rewind shafts
  • Auto web gripper for easy roll change
  • Auto stop at roll end
  • Splice detector
  • High intensity stroboscope lamp from
    • Unilux Led model
GFSR-3000 Options

  • Differential shaft rewind
  • Slitting station with 5 air shear knife sets
  • Differential core shafts for 3” (76mm) cores from Convertech
  • Static eliminator bars
  • Lay-on rollers
  • Control to accept a slow-down and stop signal from your add-on device
  • 100% Inspection/fault detection system
  • Visual inspection system
  • Razor slitting with multi blade
ModelGFSR – 3000
Maximum paper width30.00″
Minimum slit width4″
Unwind capacity40″ dia.
Rewind capacity24″ dia.
Maximum mechanical speed750ft/min. (225m/min.)
DriveA.C vector motor drive
Control panelTouch screen
Air pressure100 PSI (7 bar)
Power requirement480 V ±10%, 3ph
Frequency50-60 Hz
Substrate Film and paperFilm and paper
Color of the pressGrey
Language on labelsEnglish
Material rangeFrom unsupported or laminated PET film to paper and tags of up to 12 pt.


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