LX Press 16" – 26"

Referred to as our workhorse, the LX Multi Substrates Press is capable of handling film, all types of labels, tags and carton stock with a thickness of up to 24 points. Thanks to a powerful cutting system, this machine can tackle the most challenging tasks with ease.

The LX Multi Substrates Press can be configured in two ways:

  • Equipped with up to 12 colors, with 360° register high precision gear boxes or single axis servo
  • Equipped with with up to 10 colors in the conventional open gear drive assembly.

Features include a 42 inch unwinder, a lifting system and a fully automatic digital electromagnetic unwind brake assembly.

*Please note that we are continually developing and improving our products. As such, the image and information on this page is subject to change.

  • 42 inch unwinder
  • Lifting system
  • Fully automatic closed loop unwind brake assembly
  • Variable infeed system for exceptional register control
  • Air core holders throughout
  • Hot air and IR drying system
  • Doctor Blades on all stations
  • Ready-to-fit UV curing on all flexo stations
  • Lamination unwinder
  • Pneumatic clutches on all tension controllers
  • Pre-determined double counter
  • Split gears on the die cutting stations and sheeter station
  • Electronic sensing web-guider
  • Second unwinder
  • 60″ unwind
  • Reversed print station for back printing
  • Silk screen module
  • Rotogravure unit for coating applications
  • Turn bar
  • Delam/Relam
  • UV curing
  • Second waste rewinder
  • Cold foil attachment
  • Coupon kit for unwinding a web in the printing area
  • Plow folding module
  • Hot stamping
  • 60 inch rewind
  • Fan folder
  • Sheeter/conveyor stacker
  • And more. Ask our specialists for more information!
Model LX16501850205023502550
Maximum printing16.5” (419mm)18.50” (470mm)20.5” (520mm)23.5” (597mm)25 1/2″ (648 mm)
Maximum paper width16.75” (425mm)18.75” (476mm)20.75” (527mm)23.75” (603mm)26″ (660 mm)
Printing repeat8” to 24” (203 to 610mm)
Unwind capacity42”
Rewind capacity30” dia.
Gearing1/8 circular pitch
Maximum mechanical speed500ft/min. (151m/min.) or 600FPM Servo (182m/min.)
DriveA.C motor or Servo
Lubricating systemAutomatic
Control panelIn front of the press
Air pressure req.100 PSI (7 bar)
Power requirement380 or 240 V ±10%, 3ph, 50 or 60HZ
Zone descriptionNon-explosive
SubstrateUnsupported film, Paper/Pressure sensitive label stock, Tag stock, cup stock, board up to 24pt
Our small team of specialized staff is equipped to meet your most specific printing needs. We carry out 99% of machining in-house and will therefore work closely with you to develop a product that is perfectly suited to your company.

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