QX Instaflex

QX 1300 – 1600 : The 10 minute changeover press in the industry

  • Instant Change Flexo Stations
    Cassette-mounted inking system complete with pan, doctor blade and anilox is cleaned offline. Job removals and set-ups take a fraction of the time.
  • High Accuracy Gauging Tool
    User-friendly gauging tool adjusts and optimizes pressures of the print and anilox cylinders. 360⁰ gearbox ensures precise register control at all times.
  • Adaptable Die Cutting Station
    Quick slide-off/slide-on of die cassettes. No heavy lifting. No pressure plate of bearing removal. Die pressure set and adjusted through operator interface. Simple web path change and die station reversal for easy backside die-cutting. Movable stripping station and waste rewind stand can be placed above any die station.
  • Offline Cleaning Station
    Simple slide-in/slide-out operation replaces inking cassettes, plate cylinders, ink, pumps and gauging tools in an instant. The job can remain on the cart for re-use later.
  • Rapid Change Sheeting Station
    Simple substitution from one cassette to the next. Once in place, the full cassette is adjusted laterally and can be skewed for perfect blade adjustment.