GFXP 20″ to 45″  

This mid web machine was designed with the operator in mind. Its features include walk through print stations for easy access and adjustment and high speed linear bearings throughout the print station for long lasting repeatability and durability.

The GFXP Mid-Web Inline Flexo Press requires little maintenance and has a proven design that guarantees ease of operation with any film material.

*Please note that we are continually developing and improving our products. As such, the image and information on this page is subject to change.

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GFXP Features

  • Walk through print stations
    • For easy access and adjustment
  • Gearless anilox drive and rapid change features
    • For quick job configuration changeover
  • High speed linear bearings throughout the print station
    • For heavy-duty, long lasting repeatability and durability
  • Up to 12 colors
  • Either 360 degree register high precision direct drive gear boxes or single/dual axis servo
  • Variable infeed system
    • For exceptional register control
  • IR – Hot air dryer or UV dryers or combination dryer, suitable for water base or UV ink application
  • Doctor blades on all stations
  • Laminating station
  • 42’’ unwinder including: lifting system, fully automatic closed loop unwind brake assembly,  air core holders throughout, ultrasonic sensing web-guider
GFXP Optional Features

Combination press by integration of:

  • Gravure or digital printing
  • Coating station
  • Rotary screen printing
  • Hot foiling or cold foiling
  • Embossing
  • Punching
  • Die cutting
  • Non-stop unwind/rewind, lamination
  • 60’’ unwind/rewind
  • Reversed print station for back printing
  • Ink pumps
Maximum printing width 20 ” (508 mm) 45″ (1143 mm)
Maximum paper width 20.25″ (514 mm) 45.25″ (1149mm)
Printing and die repeats 12” to 36” (304 to 914mm) for both
Unwind capacity 42”
Rewind capacity 42” dia.
Gearing 1/8 circular pitch
Maximum mechanical speed 500ft/min. (151m/min.) or 600FPM Servo (182m/min.)
Drive A.C motor or Servo
Lubricating system Automatic
Control panel In front of the press
Air pressure req. 100 PSI (7 bar)
Power requirement 380 or 240 V ±10%, 3ph, 50 or 60HZ
Zone description Non-explosive
Substrate Unsupported film, Paper/Pressure sensitive label stock, Stand alone flexo station.
Our small team of specialized staff is equipped to meet your most specific printing needs. We carry out 99% of machining in-house and will therefore work closely with you to develop a product that is perfectly suited to your company.

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