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  • Technical support

    We offer on-site and remote support, provided by expert technicians, for maintenance of your machinery.

  • Trade-In Option for Your Outdated Press

    If you are looking to purchase one of our presses, we can buy back your used equipment. For many clients, this is a cost-effective and convenient way of upgrading their press.

  • Production of New Presses

    We offer in-house manufacturing of new presses, parts and accessories. This ensures a product that suits your specific needs. Please contact us for a quote.

  • Flexographic Press Reconstruction

    For 30 years, we have offered this unique service to extend the lifespan of our clients’ machinery and to increase their production efficiency. We can ensure thorough, quality work, as all tasks are carried out in-house and to your exact specifications.

  • Aquaflex Press Repair and Reconstruction

    To keep your Aquaflex press running efficiently, we can supply and manufacture Aquaflex parts. Thanks to our experience with these machines, we can also upgrade, repair and fully reconstruct Aquaflex presses.

  • Installation and Moving

    For our clients, we can provide turnkey installation and moving services. If you are moving your plant or restructuring your existing space, we will send in qualified technicians to disassemble, move, and reinstall equipment. While they are there, technicians can inspect your existing machines and make any repairs or adjustments required to improve their efficiency.

  • Adapting Existing Equipment to Modern Requirements

    We can modify your existing equipment to improve its performance and to set it up for carrying out new tasks. This can delay the need for a new machine, significantly reducing your costs.

  • Consulting

    Selecting equipment and identifying preferred solutions can be difficult, especially for newer businesses. Our clients can count on the Gonderflex team’s 30 years of experience to make these crucial choices that will have long-term impacts.

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