Rotoworx 330 Digital Finishing

Economic and Modular Digital Finishing

The Rotoworx 330 product range is a state-of-the-art converting and finishing solution designed to transform digitally-printed labels into value-added profitable products. Our basic configuration includes an auto-lifting unwind, semi-rotary die-cutting, lamination unwind, waste matrix rewinder and dual rewind shafts. This platform has a standard web width of 330mm (13 in.) and an operating speed exceeding 200fpm (61m/min) in semi-rotary mode. It’s modular design means it can be fitted with a wide array of different options.

The small footprint and the short web path, in combination with a homing cycle and on/off impression die station, result in minimal waste during job changeovers and roll splices. Re-registration is possible within one or two repeats.

*Please note that we are continually developing and improving our products. As such, the image and information on this page is subject to change.

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