Rotoworx 330 Digital Finishing

Economic and Modular Digital Finishing

The Rotoworx 330 product range is a state-of-the-art converting and finishing solution designed to transform digitally-printed labels into value-added profitable products. Our basic configuration includes an auto-lifting unwind, semi-rotary die-cutting, lamination unwind, waste matrix rewinder and dual rewind shafts. This platform has a standard web width of 330mm (13 in.) and an operating speed exceeding 200fpm (61m/min) in semi-rotary mode. It’s modular design means it can be fitted with a wide array of different options.

The small footprint and the short web path, in combination with a homing cycle and on/off impression die station, result in minimal waste during job changeovers and roll splices. Re-registration is possible within one or two repeats.

*Please note that we are continually developing and improving our products. As such, the image and information on this page is subject to change.

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General Features

  • Product unwind
  • Semi-rotary die-cutting
  • Flexo-coating station
  • Lamination unwind
  • Matrix rewind
  • Two product rewinders
  • Web width of 13”
  • Operating speed of over 200 fpm

Cost-Effective Features for Short Run Operation
These characteristics minimize waste during job changeovers and roll splices

  • Small footprint (37 sq.ft.)
  • Short web path (11.5 ft)
  • Homing cycle
  • On/off impression die station
  • Reregistration possible within 1 or 2 repeats
100% Modular Equipment

Any optional module can be integrated in a specific configuration to meet your requirements

  • Corona treatment unit, either double side or single side
  • Contact web cleaner, either double side or single side
  • Flexo coating station with UV or IR hot air dryer
  • Flexo printing or spot coating station in register with printing and UV or IR hot air dryer
  • Cold foil attachment for flexo print unit
  • Shear slitting
  • Razor blade slitting
  • Full rotary die cutting station in register with printing
  • Shingling conveyor with carry cart and counter
  • Rotary screen unit with UV dryer in register with printing
  • Flat screen unit with UV dryer in register with printing
  • Flat bed hot stamping
  • Flat bed die cutting unit in register with printing
  • Visual inspection camera
  • 100% inspection camera system
  • Rotary hot stamping
  • Digital mono color ink jet print head
  • Roll loading/unloading cart for unwind and rewind
  • Pneumatic roll loader for unwind stand


  • Maximum mechanical speed of 250 ft/min (76 m/min) in rewinding/coating mode
  • Maximum operating speed of over 200 ft/min (61 m/min) in semi-rotary mode

Unwind capacity

  • 760 mm (30 in)

Web width

  • Minimum 50 mm (2 in)
  • Maximum 343 mm (13.5 in)

Die Cutting Repeat Size

  • 203 mm (8 in) to 559 mm (22 in)

Flexo Module Repeat Size

  • 610 mm (24 in)


  • Top side lamination 510 mm (20 in) capacity

Die cut

  • Semi-rotary die cutting +/- 180 μ (0.007 in) in registration accuracy

Slitting module

  • Underscore
  • Crush slitter


  • Dual product rewinders capacity of 610 mm (24 in) each
  • Matrix rewinder capacity of 610 mm (24 in)

User interface

  • Self-explanatory, touch screen, all controls, centralized

Support service

  • Remote operation and diagnostics via secure internet connection
Our small team of specialized staff is equipped to meet your most specific printing needs. We carry out 99% of machining in-house and will therefore work closely with you to develop a product that is perfectly suited to your company.

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  • Semi-rotary Die Station

    The semi-rotary die-station is complete with sensing technology to electronically re-register to incoming pre-printed material, using a magnetic cylinder and flex tooling for fast changeovers and reduced tooling costs. The die tool anvil system has an off impression mode to reduce waste during changeovers and make ready.

  • Variable Repeat Flexographic Station

    We’ve integrated a flexographic module into the Rotoworx system, in order to provide the versatility and cost-effectiveness of flexography, in conjunction with semi-rotary die-cutting.

  • Patented ISO-Tensioning System

    The system features a field-proven web transport, with high registration accuracy of +/- 180 microns (0.007 in) and a repeat size from 203 mm (8 in) to 559 mm (22 in). Tensioning for each module is controlled independently, which is particularly useful when running sensitive films, difficult matrixes or when through cutting.

  • Graphics User Interface and Remote Diagnostics

    A password-protected user interface, with representations of the machine, facilitates the input of all necessary run parameters and settings. The operating manual, troubleshooting guide and diagnostics are all accessible via this touch screen. The machine can also be run and diagnosed remotely, through a secure internet connection.

  • Distortion Compensating Software

    Rotoworx’s proprietary and user-friendly distortion compensating software aims to cut back expenses associated with re-toll for die-cutting. It maximizes the use of your pre-existing flexible dies by allowing their use on the Rotoworx magnetic cylinder. A full-rotary flexible die purchased for your other presses can thus be placed directly in the Rotoworx and the job manager interface will compensate its distortion requirement.

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